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Have fun with the Global Hackathon and direct action to world-class mentors!
Come And Join Us In This Adventure!

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We want you to hack the real world!

You have the chance to hack real problems from around the world with teams made up of teenagers from other countries with the same curiosities and interests as you. Each team will present their ideas in video format and the winning team will work with the companies and mentors that proposed the challenge and be eligible for other great prizes.

What makes this hackathon different from others?

1.- You get work directly with world class mentors in fields of science, engineering, social sciences (e.g. health, aerospace, psychology, and more).

2.- Mentors will assist you in answering your questions, and even coach you in improving your hackathon submission.

3.- You will be part of an international team of students and mentors.

We are excited and look forward to receiving your submissions and ideas!

-The Hackathon Team