Maskathon Schedule

If you have any doubt or enquire, you can write:

Friday 12nd:

8 p.m. (EST): Kick off or Opening Ceremony until 8:30 p.m.

At the opening ceremony we are going to have mentors, judges and traslactors with the participants.

During this eventĀ  the participants know their co-workers in the events and all the organization behand this event.

Saturday 13th:

This is the first day of the event. Where the groups will start solving the hack that they choose. Also they have to prepare a video for the end of the second day.

Sunday 14th:

This is the seocnd day of the event. Where the groups will start preparing the video not longer than 6 minutes, which deadline is before midninght. The video have to be post in english with audio or subtitles.

Between 15th and 19th:

The judges are going to review each teamĀ“s presentation. Bacause the judges are going to give a feedback to the particpants next Saturday during the morning until now until 9:00 a.m. (EST).

Saturday 20th:

During the morning are going to deliver a feedback from the judges and they will be able to improve their presentation. Because they have a second opportunity the following day.

Sunday 21st:

During this day, all the groups have the change to imrprove their presentations and add more information to the videos. They are going to have time until midnight.

Between Monday 22nd until Wednesday 24th:

The judges are going to view the videos for second time and they are going to score them.

Thrusday 25th:

It will take place the award ceremony and all are invited. it is going to take place through zoom. Time coming soon.